AAI Charity Foundation Inc. makes a Big Splash with this year’s event titled “How Far I Go”. The event is a tribute to Moana’s theme song  and an inspiration to the very spirit behind Moana’s adventure. Taken within the context of AAI and its beneficiaries, “How Far I Go” is an homage to far everyone can go with a little bit of help and encouragement. The preparation for the event started  by visiting current and past beneficiaries of AAI Charity Foundation. Many of which have moved on to very successful careers.

This year’s annual fund raising diner concert was held last July 7, 2017 at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang and was hosted by Magic 89.9’s Radio DJ Mr. Sam YG from the program’s “Boys Night Out” and co-hosted by Black Arrow Vice President Mr. John Baybay. An enchanting shadow play was performed by Asia’s Got Talent winner El Gamma Penumbra between the numbers of various artists including those of AAI’s who performed an interpretive hip-hop battle and a their own rendition of the theme song “How Far I Go”.

What made the event more meaningful was the fact that AAI employees were performing side by side with members of the greater AAI community. These were children and beneficiaries of AAI’s Gawad Kalinga projects who danced and sang along with AAI’s own talents in carefully choreographed and selected numbers.

In reaction, AAI Group Chairman Mr. Rico Brizuela went up on stage in appreciation of how special this evening had become and emphasized on the real meaning of How Far I Go. That is: The capacity of every individual to go further than how they usually can go with a little help and encouragement. The event was a testament as to How Far “WE” can all go. This is both from the individual level to the corporate level and later on to the community. This is what corporate citizenship is all about. This is the heart of CSR and what AAI Charity Foundation is all about!

A comedic number was performed by popular comedian Mr. Alex Calleja who joked about anything between workplace drama and transportation and the event was capped with River Maya’s set which was spontaneously joined by various members of the audience including the President of AAI and Black Arrow jamming along to their familiar songs.

In a party which didn’t want to end, DJ Z-Briz rose to the occasion on his set to deliver the pulsating beats which led the audience in a dancing frenzy which lasted through midnight.

What was all the Frenzy About?

The annual fund raising event started by attracting around 500 attendees a few years ago. This year gathered more than 800 attendees and raised more than Php 1.3 million in gross proceeds. The money goes a long way with AAI Charity Foundation in support of ongoing programs ranging from Scholarships, Environmental Programs and Relief Distribution. This year will focus on responding to the current crisis in Marawi Mindanao.

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