To be the leading Total Logistics Company in the Philippines


  1. We provide excellent total logistics solutions exceeding customer expectations.
  2. We promote professional growth and take care of the health and safety of our employees.
  3. We commit to achieve for our shareholders a fair return on their
  4. We comply with the regulatory and statutory requirements and adhere to
    ethical business practices.
  5. We practice corporate social responsibility and contribute to the
    preservation of our environment.
  6. All these we endeavor through strategic alliances, capacity building, and utilization of strategic technologies.

Our Culture and Shared Values

Customer focusWe deliver and exceed customer expectations.
Excellence through teamwork – We work and learn together for continual improvement
Frugality – We use our resources wisely.
Integrity – We conduct ourselves with honesty and credibility, at all times.
Respect for the individual – We treat each other with respect and dignity.
Output-oriented – We work passionately to achieve our goals.
Social responsibility – We advocate social development and good governance.