Allow me to greet everyone a happy new year, and a happy 40th anniversary to AAI. Yes, we are now on our 40th year anniversary, a big milestone since we had our day 1 on January 1, 1981. We should be having a big party to celebrate our anniversary but the circumstances re different for this year.

What a journey Year 2020 has been for all of us. We just had the most challenging year for the AAI-GOC, the year where the by word is pandemic, COVID 19, quarantine, lockdown, GCQ, and however you call it means the same, it is a global phenomenon that has affected and still affecting the lives of the people around the globe. This was the year when nobody knows what happens the following day, or how we are to face the day or how business will run. Our operations were on a day-to-day thing where everyone wears all the safety paraphernalia such as face mask, double face mask with filters plus alcohol and hand sanitizers in one`s pockets. Living the “new normal” thing is quite a challenge as we work in a “socially distanced” office setting. Year 2020 is what they call “a year like no other”, where you cannot see the “enemy”, where the objective is to just stay alive and be thankful that we survived.

But thankfully enough, and in spite of the challenges, we have ended the year with a positive mark, results of which we did not expect. operations normalized in due time after the lockdown, employees were mobilized, equipped with the safety PPEs, and the teams from sales, support departments and operations moved as one to service the requirements of the customers. The concerted efforts paid off, and like any challenges from the previous years, we survived with flying colors, given the current circumstances.

With all the challenges that the new year brings, we are still committed to our corporate social responsibility. We will strengthen our community relations and widen the reach of our programs thru AAI Charity Foundation.

For all that has been, good or bad, happy or sad, I say thank you to everyone who unselfishly contributed to where AAI GOC is now. Happy anniversary and may our 40th year be another banner year for everyone. On to another decade AAI GOC!

Manigong bagong taon sa inyong lahat!