What a way to start our 40th anniversary in year 2021. We just ended the most exciting year for AAI GOC and we all look forward to a better year – as they say, the best is yet to come.

Year 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us. We have yet to start the plans and programs laid out and a budget to meet, and as if a whiff of an air passed by and everything changed in an instant….. enter pandemic named COVID 19, and the business climate was suddenly in a whirlwind. We have to adapt in order to survive.

Year 2020 saw the AAI team worked at its best in order to meet the challenges of the times. We bounced back in spite of the lockdown and everybody was on its feet given the PPEs and the office safety protocols. The logistics industry was in the forefront moving the essential goods that were most needed by households, hospitals, businesses and the like. We shifted from forwarding by air to land transportation and domestic movements. As international flights were cancelled one after another, customers shifted to forwarding by sea and the seafreight team suddenly became the busiest, with the domestic teams giving the full support to fulfill the needed logistics requirements by the customer.

The warehouse operations remain the same in spite of the lockdown, thus, giving the company the much needed revenues.

While year 2020 threw at us multiple challenges, tit just made us more resilient and gave us the momentum to be where awe are now. We will continue the strong head start and from there move what year 2021 will bring. We have yet to finalize the year 2020 PNL but we are confident that we may meet the same results with that of year 2019, if not even greater.

Management is laying out a PHP1.5B revenues for year 2021. From this target, each AAI GOC will submit their strategic plans and programs so everything is accounted. The group should have synergy in tapping opportunities so we can move faster.

The plans and programs for year 2021 are not the expansive but we will make sure that expansive but we will make sure that we are open to new opportunities to meet the competition. We are upgrading out capacities and improve our processes to be more efficient. We will invest in automated solutions and deliver IT-enabled value-added services to customers and in return provide competitive advantages for AAI GOC.

We wish and hope that year 2021 holds umpteen possibilities for AAI GOC…… We are ready to face the new year…. Happy 40th AAI, and counting.